Church and Faith

For their first 6 years in Spain, Ann and Clive

supported Pastors Leslie and Brenda Lyons in their

¨Warm-up man¨ for the first part of each Sunday

service, allowing Pastor Leslie to concentrate on

preaching the Gospel of salvation through Jesus,

and bringing sinners into their forgiveness, freedom

and eternal life.

          Clive and Ann attended the Sunday services at Calpe at 10am, Jávea at noon - although we first met in the home of Christine and Boyce Winter, in Jesus Pobre, picture above, in 1988 - and Benidorm at 6pm, with Ann playing the flute, at the suggestion of the Pastor who knew Ann had played the fife in a youth band.

            Pastors Leslie and Brenda were only able to devote 60 minutes a week - 12 noon until 1pm on a Sunday - to Jávea and, sitting in one of Leslie’s services at L’Ancora Tennis Club, Clive knew the call on his life to provide a 24/7 Christian witness in Jávea, but Pastor Leslie rejected the idea.

            After 9 months of refusing to accept the “call of God” until God provided Spiritual covering for the new mission, Elim Church in the UK reversed their decision to remain a ‘church’ - but not a ‘denomination’ - in Spain and Elim President Andy Smith came and presented us with the Affiliation Certificate, the UK having sent Clive and Ann Ministerial Credentials.

           The first meeting of JEC was in the Javelec Apartment number 3, opposite ‘Mas y Mas’ near to Barclays Bank. President Maggie Evans welcomed the idea of a church in the apartment “I might want to come along myself” but a Freemason who lived in the apartment above, and was our playing bowls every Sunday, objected, and JEC was asked to find other premises.

            In 1985 we’d bought a house ‘Seniola 70’ - but that’s another story, in Clive’s autobiography Serving others by Serving Him - which became too big for our needs, but made an ideal base for the Lady Elizabeth School, founded by Veronica Barnes. As soon as Veronica knew we were unwelcome in the Javelec apartment, she said we’d be welcome to use the School music room.

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