Ann and Clive Read

25 years - and half their marriage in Spain

1987    Introduced “Anglo Jávea Hour” to ‘Radio Jávea’

            from 3-4pm every day of the week.

1988    Founded with Frank Compton and Derek Burnham,

            “Jávea Good Neighbours Club” to raise money for

            two Heart Defibulators on Jávea’s Red Cross

            ambulances. the first in Spain. The Club still meets,

            to support and encourage each other, 22 years later, at 1.30pm on the final

            Friday of each month, at the INN BETWEEN on the outer rim of Jávea Park.

1988    Created “10-15” club so that Red Cross ambulance drivers could locate

            houses that were not consecutively numbered, in roads that were not named.

1989    Together with Per Svensson, Kees

            Romeijn, Colin Marcus, Tina                                    

            Scherpenhuijsen, Fred van Helderan

            and Graham Bradbeer, founded

            Jávea International Civic Society.

            Clive was it’s founder Secretary and

            edited the monthly Bulletin for more

            than 12 years. With the help of other

            Founder members, and sitting in Jávea

            Market every Thursday morning for

            4 hours, Clive and Ann brought more than

            2880 member families into the Society.

1992    Founded “Jávea Evangelical Church” part of Elim in Spain, but then choosing

            to be affiliated with International Gospel Outreach.

1995    Clive was appointed District Secretary for an area of Spain that is greater than

            the United Kingdom, by the Royal British Legion, a position he held, despite

            being a civilian, for more than 10 years. John Hawthornthwaite, UK National

            Vice Chairman, when presenting Clive with Associate Gold

            Badge (number 211), described him as “someone who was

            'Mr. Legion' in so many people's minds, the man who

            brought the Legion in Spain back from its death-bed

            to one of the most active Counties in the Legion.

            When “Associate” member status was abandoned, it resulted

            in Clive being the only person - ever - in District North to

            receive one: the highest honour the RBL can award a civilian.

1997    Originated and founded  “La Palabra Para Hoy” as the Spanish-language

            version of “The Word for Today” sending it to thousands of readers worldwide

            to encourage them in the Christian faith.

2003    Created and founded “Jávea Grapevine¨ magazine.

            Created the BritsinSpain2003 Group at Yahoo, a self-help group for people

            who have come to - or would like to - live in Spain.

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